Promoting on Facebook

Method 1: Create a new Post/Status
  1. Before opening Facebook, make sure you have the content ready that you'd like to post. You can use:
    1. Photos of you wearing Graphic Tees Store apparel.
    2. Images/ads saved from your Influencer Affiliate Dashboard.
  2. Open Facebook on your phone or computer.  Most convenient is the Facebook mobile app.
  3. On Facebook, either on the front page, or your personal profile page, click on where it says "What's on your mind?" or "Create Post".
  4. Click the words "Photo/Video" or the green photo icon. Your photo gallery will appear and you can select the image or ad you'd like to share.
  5. Once your photo has been added, then add your link. You can add your link by copying it from your Influencer Affiliate Dashboard, or anywhere else you have it saved, and pasting it into the post.
  6. Now your post is almost ready. Add a brief explanation to connect with your friends and followers and let them know about the unique designs and great clothing at Graphic Tee Store.
Method 2: Upload onto your Story
  1. The Story feature on Facebook is another great way to promote Graphic Tees Store and share your unique link with your followers.
  2. Start by opening Facebook on your phone or computer.
  3. On Facebook, find and click where it says "Create a Story" on the front page, or "Add Story" on your personal profile page.
  4. Your photo gallery will appear at the bottom and you can select the image or ad you'd like to share.
  5. Adding your personalized link can be done two ways:
    1. First option: You can then click "Text" on the side bar of your story and paste or write-in your link. (This link will not be clickable, option 2 includes a clickable link).
      1. Add another piece of text and include a short description that describes what the ad and link are. 
        1. Example: "Check out these awesome hoodies, use promo code TAKE5 for five dollars off any hoodie. Use this link to SHOP NOW."
    2. Second option: Click "Text" on the side bar of your story, but do not add your link, instead write a description of the hoodies/tshirts and any promos happening now. 
      1. Example: "Right now these rad hoodies are five dollars off with the code TAKE5. Use the link on my profile to SHOP NOW."
      2. **Important** In order to get your link on your profile page follow these easy steps:
        1. Go to your profile page.
        2. Click "See Your About Info".
        3. Scroll down to Contact Info and click Edit.
        4. Scroll to Websites and then click Add Website.
        5. Paste or write in your personalized link.
        6. Click the privacy setting button across from where it says "Websites" and make sure the "public option" is checked (rather than friends only). This will ensure the link is posted on your profile page.
        7. Click the blue save button at the bottom of the page.
        8. Return to your profile page and check if your link appears in your About Info that is displayed under your profile photo.
  • Now you're ready to start promoting Graphic Tees Store on Facebook. Get creative, have fun with it, and start making some extra cash. 
  • Any questions? Shoot Graphic Tees Store an email at We're happy to help you!