Promoting on Pinterest

Method 1: Mobile App

  1. Open the Pinterest App. On the bottom menu tap the far right icon, which should be your profile photo.
  2. At the top of this page, on the right side of the search bar, click the + icon and select "pin".
  3. Your camera roll will appear. Select an image or ad that you'd like to use to promote Graphic Tees Store.
    1. You can get ready-to-use ads on your Influencer Affiliate Dashboard under "marketing materials".
    2. You can also use art, photos of you or someone else repping the brand, or any other cool photo. 
  4. After selecting the image, fill in the title field. Write something that will grab someone's interest, for example "New NASA Hoodies are out of this world".
  5. For the description field, write in more details including any promo codes. Example: "Get $5 off these new NASA hoodies at Graphic Tees Store using promo code TAKE5."
  6. In the destination website field insert your personal link. You can add your link by copying it from your Influencer Affiliate Dashboard, or anywhere else you have it saved, and pasting it into the website field.
  7. Tap the red Next button in the top right corner. At this point you can choose to add this pin to an existing board you've created or create a new board. 
    1. The board can be clothing related or related to the content of the clothing you're promoting. 
    2. Example: If you are promoting Graphic Tees Store's NASA clothing you could create a board titled "Space clothing" and place your new pin here.
  8. Once you've chosen a board, your new pin with your personalized link will be published.
    1. You should continue to pin related content into the same board as your pin.
    2. Also, create new pins with your link and updated ads often.
  • Now you're ready to start promoting Graphic Tees Store on Pinterest. Get creative, have fun with it, and start making some extra cash. 
  • Any questions? Shoot Graphic Tees Store an email at We're happy to help you!